Kadmus Adventures

Kadmus Adventure One - Session 1 (1/2)

Preface: An Unlikely Team

Off the western coast of the mainland of Kadmus, lies one of its largest islands. Known as Stafalis, this land is known for its diversity, trade, and vineyards. Members of all the common races can be found all throughout the island, making it the perfect home for anyone.


It's southwestern tip is a district known as Zaiph. On the north, Zaiph is bordered by the Greystone Mountains, on the west by the Kakos Sea, on the south by the Notos Sea, and on the east by the Neapais Coast. Two major city-states can be found in Zaiph, the Monarchy of Argon, and the Democracy of Apollon.


Of the two, Apollon is the smaller, but that does not mean it is not a prosperous place. Apollon is rich in silver, farm goods, and has many sea trade routes that stop in its docks before heading to Neapais.


Every three years a very special event is held in Apollon, known simply as The Apollon Games. Would-be heroes from all over Zaiph and beyond travel to the great event, competing for the chance to win the prized golden lyre, and the title of Champion of Apollon.

On the Zaiph Road, just north of Apollon, several unique characters find themselves crossing paths. Each of them heading to the Apollon Games for reasons of their own, and so one of their numbers thought it would be a wonderful idea to form a team.


The first of these "adventurers" is a young athene man by the name of Tin Karthiá Spatheri. As the only athene with a bit of patience, Tin was rather disliked by his people. Hailing from the athene rookery of Mt. Ages, located in the Greystone Moutains north of Zaiph, Tin was a bit of a street rat. Always loitering in all the wrong place, and committing acts of petty crime, his people devised a plan to get rid of him. Tin was tasked with the near impossible task of heading out into the world and collecting a copy of every romance novel in existence. When he heard of the Apollon Games, he thought to himself, why not?


The next of our eccentric clan is the infamous Guanthak Ogolakanu, and cyclops on the ran from his past. He was never the craftsman is race is, or he was trained to be. He learned from a young age that, rather than making things for himself, he could steal the work of others and play it off as his own. He became a master of plagiarism and fraud. All seemed well, that is until he got caught. Guanthak fled his home, leaving everything behind. When he learned of the Apollon Games, he realized it was the best opportunity for him to make a name for himself, by stealing the titles of others.


Razark Ragingcock, an elaffi centaur, is next among the numbers. Born and raised in a sacred forest not far from Apollon, Razark has an interesting past. Hailing from the Ragingcock Herd, Razark was trained to do what the Ragingcock's do best… protecting the ever declining population of cockatrices in Kadmus. In a time where the majestic creatures are on the borderline of extinction, Razark's herd have carved out a little niche for themselves to allow for the best environment, so they can effectively breed their monsters. As of late however, the local slave market has been on the decline, who act as the cockatrice's primary food source. Razark set out to Apollon to join the games, in the hopes of winning the prize money and at the same time find some well nourished slaves.


Among the group their isn’t a character quite like the dryad Aeolian Mixolydian. From the moment he could walk, he wandered off alone into the woods, and never found his way back home. By himself, Aeolian he journeyed the forests, never truly learning what it meant to be a dryad. Years into his self-caused homelessness, he decided to found a clergy to the Spirits of Nature. Unfortunately his clergy happened to be a pack of crazed squirrels, and were no help to him, so he continued to wander. Eventually Aeolian found himself on the road to Apollon. Along the way he met the other would be adventurers, and joined the team to partake in the games.


No adventuring part is quite complete without a sly talking, womanizing bard, and this particular one goes by the name of Aderous yios Derigous. As the son of a politis noble, Aderous had nothing short of a luxurious life. As a child he loved to sing, and would often accompany his father on political trips to keep him entertained. This went on through his whole life, until unforgettable day. Aderous' father took him to meet a renown tribe of warrior women. Too late did Aderous realize that his father wanted to family him off to secure the alliance of the tribe. Needless to say, Aderous found himself running from his responsibilities. Without money to back his lifestyle he had come so accustomed to, Aderous sought the Apollon Games to get back some of that wealth.


The last of our Merry Men is the great centaur warrior, Gilberus Longspear. As one of the many guardsmen of the great Longspear herd, Gilberus is no stranger to action. As a nomadic herd, they are constantly braving the dangers of the Kadmus countryside, with numbers exceeding into the hundreds. Recently, the Longspear Herd decided it was finally time to settle down and form a settlement. Unfortunately, the Longspear lacked a few needed supplies to do so, money and relationships to start. Gilberus was sent by his herd to seek these things. He was to gather funds, and in the mean time build reputation of the Longspear herd. When the centaur heard about the Apollon Games, he saw no better way to kick-start his mission.

And it is after this team of formidable allies formed that they turned their eyes to the city of Apollon, and made for the games. Not one of those unique men knew what was coming for them in Apollon. Or that the course of their lives was about to be changed forever.


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